How cosmetics technology has changed in the last century

Makeup is an interesting topic to go over when trying to figure out how things have changed over the years and although cosmetics changing so much that there’s nothing weird about seeing Percy Nobleman’s moustache wax next to your usual girl’s products is nothing new; the last century of change has been the most drastic when it comes to both the speed of change and the variety of styles for women. Let’s take a general look at the makeups which you might not be all that familiar with.


In the 20’s the first idea of the “artificial face” sprang up. The idea was pale skin, bright red lips, and of course startling eyes to complete the look. Women started carrying around a lot of the essential products you might find in a girl’s purse nowadays. Special mentions go the push up tube of lipstick and cake mascara. The presence of these in every bag probably comes from the fact that they started getting mass produced.


Hollywood popularized the more feminine look around this time. The most notable product of the decade would probably be the eyeliner pencil that came out which led to the contouring of the eye we’re fairly more familiar with nowadays. The idea of extending out the shape of the eye with a triangle outward from the tear ducts gave a more feminine effect on your whole look.


Up-do hairstyles, the reddest lipstick ever seen and nails made to match, and that arched eyebrow style which I personally don’t get but hey everybody (any decade in this case) has got their own style. The idea back then was simplicity since around this time women started going off to work and help the war effort.


The 50’s were very much the pink years. Pink shadow and reddish pink lipstick became more popular around this time. Another breakthrough which might be worth mentioning were the cream foundations and shadows which overtook the more popular powders from the previous decades.


Two words. False eyelashes. They were insanely popular for the first time which could be brought up for discussion. Honestly the 60’s also jumped back a lot to the 20’s so it would be the first discussed example of a look being “retro” focused.

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