New Ingredient in Town!!

Hey gals and guys!

I’ve been doing some research recently, because I’ve decided to finally get on top of my acne. It’s not bad, per say, but it is consistent, and unwavering. On my chin, especially, because of the mask I’m wearing to and from work on the bus, and in all stores. I don’t mind the mask itself, but the SWEAT. The CONDENSATION. It’s a real doozy, and my skin is surely not happy right now! I think one is about to pop up above my lip, which has actually never happened before. God, I hate them. I need help!

Some masks I thought about buying, so cute!

So I decided to take an ingredient approach, rather than a product approach. Cause, you know, brands like to hype up their own products and I’ve found nothing that is quite as amazing as you expect… Well, except for one, but we’ll get to that later.

My research was relatively short, I think I somehow managed to stumble across the perfect thing first go. A little ingredient known as Nicotamide, which is part of Vitamin B3.

Oh my, where to begin? This ingredient does it all! Basically, it is anti-inflammatory, and reduces sebum production, which is really all I needed to hear. But the list of powers goes on… It increases the production of ceramides and keratin in the skin which strengthens the skin barrier, and tightens wrinkles and fine lines. Nice and plump! It also inhibits melanin production, so you won’t see so much hyper pigmentation, or apparently even freckles! And something about repairing UV ray damage? Seriously ?? Amazing!

So I had to find the perfect product with Nicotinamide, or Niacinamide as its known in cosmetic applications. There were a few serums about, but they seemed very strong and I’m wary about my skin being a bit too sensitive for them. I don’t really want to slather a chemical all over my face! So I thought maybe some other product, a moisturiser? Face wash?

A shining light came to me on a little perusal of SkinStore! This Niacinamide Toner, straight from the UK brand Q+A. A toner basically goes on after your cleanser to help remove the rest of the grime from your face, as well as balance oil levels and make sure your skin didn’t lose too much moisture in the cleansing process! Pretty neat, huh? I’d never tried this before, but I’m very excited to now! I’ll be checking back in hopefully soon with some results… wish me and my skin luck!

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