Roaring Twenties Party

Hello all!

It was my birthday this month, and I wanted to do something truly special to enjoy it with my mates. Marco is moving to Spain in a few weeks, and Ned’s wife Lola is pregnant, so it was pretty obvious our little group was moving towards some changes.

It was time for a weekend away.

We’d been making jokes all last year about reviving the Roaring Twenties, and even celebrated the New Year with a viewing of The Great Gatsby, one of my favourite films. So I thought we should make a proper event of it, and host a two-day 20’s party (if only I was also turning 20!). Authenticity was a top priority, so I found a heritage house out in the country which was still furnished as it was when a new family moved in sometime in 1926, and booked a 1923 Ford Model T to pick the boys up in.

The house was gorgeous, champagne upon arrival. And the weather was perfect for walks around the estate grounds, garden games and the final night’s grand party. Themed, of course, I invited everyone I could think of to join us for a true 20’s gala. I brought a second suitcase just filled with beads and feather boas! I knew TJ had an appropriate suit, but the rest of us would be floundering. So I hired a local tailor to come in on the first day, fit us all, and deliver our wares for the party. I handpicked the fabrics out first, a different one for each of us.

We looked dashing, if I do say so myself. But we couldn’t just dress well… We had to completely look the part. And by that I mean hair. Hair, part, get it? But this thought only occurred to me a few days prior! I was so overwhelmed with sourcing decorations I had to find a quick, relatively inexpensive fix. I’d already gone well over my budget at this point!! I use Percy Nobleman shampoo and body wash and I know their whole branding follows a nostalgic yet modern vibe, so I hopped onto the website and found this great traditional shaving kit. There was a huge multi-sink bathroom in the house, so I bought a few and we had a great time shaving together the day of, and playing with hairstyles. The smell was to die for, honestly. Filled the room, and all of our ladies were impressed when they arrived for the party.

I felt like we had jumped straight into the film. The music was amazing, a real fusion of songs that were popular then, and modern reinterpretations. It was an incredible time, I don’t know how better to put it. I was absolutely hammered and can’t remember dancing, but there is video evidence of it! Lola, who obviously wasn’t drinking, took us out for a late night drive to star gaze once most people had left and we were starting to sober up. I’ll have to hunt down the photos we took, you know my phone camera is absolutely rubbish so I don’t know which mate was taking them! You have to consider it for your next party, there’s no space for regret except for the hangover!

I still have some decorations to sort and box so I’ll sign off, but hope you all had an amazing week!

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