Keeping up with technology

The idea of keeping up with technology is a losing battle. Now I don’t say that in a pessimistic manner as some of you might be taking right now. But the reality of the modern technological landscape is just one where it progresses so fast and in so many different ways that unless you have a specific need to keep up with a particular field. My professors at university who graduated many years prior to obtain degrees in information technology constantly complain about the difficulty of remaining relevant within their own industries. They have to attend multiple seminars and conferences to keep up with the advancements and adaptations that take place in their field.

That struggle may sound like something that just makes perfect sense right? I mean I personally thought that it was perfectly understandable since they’re in the IT field and that’s a technology dedicated course. Then I stopped to really think about it and then I realized that basically every profession has to deal with a similar issue. Those different professions I’m talking about range from economists all the way to dentists. Think about that range for a second and then think about how difficult it is for people who’s livelihoods quite literally depend on how up to date they can stay with everything.

Now I mean this in the most optimistic way possible believe me. The reality of it is that it’s just impossible to keep up and stay connected with everything happen with regards to tech. I think that’s a really great thing. And before you accuse me of being a masochist I just mean that no matter how hard you dig and how much time you put in you’ll always be able to find something new and interesting. For somebody like me who has such a deep fascination with tech there’s never been a better time to be alive as far as I’m concerned.