Something different

I know this isn’t related to technology, but it is technical and I didn’t specify on the blog title. Also, it’s my blog! -What am I doing trying to justify it to you? I think all this time spent indoors is driving me crazy, not to mention sharing a house with five other people. It’s loud, all the time. And we never seem to have any milk.

As a result, I’ve started drinking any coffees black. It’s been an adjustment, for sure, but I think I’m slowly starting to get used to it. I’m not sure if consuming it before I’ve even woken up helps, or just makes getting into a good, positive, and most importantly, productive, mindset for working (from home). I think my crows feet were deepening by the day with the cringe I did with every sip, gulp or mouth full. time not making it sound like I’m coping with it, am I? No.

It’s not all bad, thy tummy appreciates not having to digest the milk (I’m not lactose intolerant but I do think I’ve got some slight aversion to dairy), but I also spoon less coffee granules into my 99c mug every morning. I like the caffeine hit, but I don’t notice the difference. Usually my energy starts to fall around lunchtime anyway, and I just go eat a meal to recover.

Right, onto the actual topic… Caffeine. When I noticed my crows feet deepening, I decided to get serious with fixing the problem. Don’t want to leave it too long and wait for it to get worse. I found this Caffeine Eye Cream to fix my issues. But what I had to marvel at, was the fact I was using caffeine to fix an issue I had which was also caused by caffeine. A bit crazy, isn’t it? The world is mad.

So I’m looking further into caffeine uses, its benefits, because the product I’m using works so damn well. I found out that it’s a vasoconstriction, which means that it makes your blood vessels constrict and your blood doesn’t pool under your eyes. It just gets moved ri­ght along! Which is what I need when I wake up really, especially in her inter when it’s minus two degrees outside and my bed is toasty and warm. Another this about caffeine is it’s antioxidant powers. for those of you who don’t know much about antioxidants, I’ll spell it out for you. UV rays are harmful, we all know that. But what they do is cause oxidisation, where free radicals roams your skin cells. they have one less electron than is safe, so try and steal electrons from other places, thatching whore and more free radicals. They can ruin your collagen, and elastin, leading to premature signs of ageing and uneven skin texture. Soo no, a little sun is not good for you!

Antioxidants are the heroes, donating that needed electron without sacrificing its own stability. They don’t have to be reactive either, but stay and wait for those pesky free radicals to knock on the door. And of course, UV isn’t the only way oxidisation occurs. Pollution in the air can cause it, exercise can cause it, so there’s no point trying to avoid it happening- just use caffeine!

Honestly, my eyes look so much better even after only a week. Awake! Alive! And I feel a little bit smarter knowing all of this technical information.

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