The Technology Behind Setting Sprays

As promised, all my posts will go over groundbreaking technological advancements that are emerging across the globe.

When we hear the word ‘technology’ we tend to think of computers, robots and satellites in the sky.

We often forget that technology also refers to advancements in non-electrical products, and the use of these products.

Like it’s electrical counterpart, non-electrical technology is still advancing at an incredible rate.

It affects almost every industry. One such industry it is constantly affecting is makeup, beauty and skincare.

Manufacturers and brands are year in year out consistently finding new and innovative ways of not only packaging their products, but also applying them too.

Ancient Egypt Makeup

One product that has recently started being used in a new and different way is makeup setters.

Traditionally, powders have been used to help set makeup. History shows this, as there is evidence that makeup powders doubt as far back as ancient Egypt.

Nowadays though they are growing less and less popular, as the beauty industry has discovered an easier and more practical way of setting makeup in place.

In the last few decades, setting sprays have become much more commonplace. It’s function is similar to that of a powder – to help keep your makeup in place across the course of the day, but it’s ease of application is what really sets it apart.

Unlike powders that take a few minutes to apply, and almost always end up in having to clean your makeup sponge, sprays are instantaneous. All you need to do is spritz your face once or twice with the formula and that usually does the trick.

There are many different types available on the high street and on the web. I personally think it’s important to find one that also contains hydrating and skin soothing properties. For that reason I believe that this makeup setting spray is the best option out there at the moment. I first tried it about 6 months ago, and haven’t purchased a different spray since.

To round this up, it’s important to keep an eye on how technology is advancing everywhere, even within the beauty industry. I hope this small insight was worth reading and engaging enough to keep you coming back for more interesting posts.

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