What Technology Is To Me

Technologically speaking we’ve come farther in the last century than at any other point in history. To elaborate I don’t simply mean we’ve been doing things that have never been done before that much should be obvious. I mean that the speed at which technology has been progressing took an astronomical leap forward. Groundbreaking technology coming so often that you could probably find a new technological breakthrough from every year and some years would probably contain more than just one.

With all that staggering progress we’ve been making what are those that stand out the most? Again there should be no way to justifiably list off such monumental achievements since some of them are as far apart from each other as apples and oranges or maybe I should say androids in this case. But of course this is the internet and more specifically my space on the internet so seeing as I can make as many claims as I want I’d like to list off some creature comforts technology has given me that I can quite literally not imagine life without.

First would be the concept of modern data storage. I’m old enough to remember floppy disks and for those of you who aren’t those things could barely hold any data on them which is why I cannot imagine life without my portable hard drive. Imagine a world where you had to limit the number of songs on your phone. I know a lot of you don’t even have to save music onto your phones but I may be a bit slow on that front but what can you do? Deliveries. Oh my goodness getting food delivered to my doorstep via the internet is something that I wouldn’t be able to survive most weekends. Not to mention I almost never need to go shopping at the mall these days, the best amazon prime products are one click away so there’s not much need for me to venture out. I still like the mall though because sitting in my apartment all day can get a bit depressing.

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